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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Perpective & Generations
Doug Wilson has been observing the scene in the UK. In the course of his analysis, he makes the following comments worth pondering...

Re: Christian cultural change/transformation:

we have constantly urged "reformation, not revolution," and one godly pastor here put the same need in terms of "evolution, not revolution." Patience and balance are key.

Re: the mutual exasperation between the younger and older generations within the church:

As these two generations of evangelicals talk with each other, there is a basic attitude that should be remembered by all -- those who are coming up through the ranks should cultivate a deep spirit of gratitude. Without the previous work of "unreasonable and intractable conservatives," there would be nothing here to work with. And those older heads who see the newer generation coming up, more filled with beans than wisdom, the sensation should be gratitude as well. The glory of young men is their strength, and the wisdom will come in due course. This is God's way. Each generation should be grateful to the other, and both to God.

I know I need to take this to heart...